A guide for Crohn’s and Colitis patients

“Gut Feelings is an autobiographical book that takes the reader by the hand along the winding path of inflammatory bowel disease. In all its ups and downs, its twists and turns, it presents an underlying promise of a better understanding of the disease, as well as a better understanding of themselves for readers, for whom it is a collection of useful advice in self-help and personal growth. Rafael Moreno’s personal story touches the soft underbelly of those who have inflammatory bowel disease as well as their family members, and helps them in clarifying medical and personal issues equally well.”
Professor Zvi Fireman Director of the Institute of Gastroenterology, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

“Gut Feelings is an important tool in assisting with dealing with the disease. The book includes the personal story of Rafael Moreno, who writes with great humor and sensitivity. It contains much information and guidance on how we can better tackle the disease, and how we can improve our quality of life. Among the various tools available in confronting the disease, this book is one of the most important tools in helping me and in continuing to help me in changing my life. Recommended for every patient and family member.”
Adam Algarisi (Crohn’s disease patient for ten years)

“It’s not just another book in a bookstore. It’s a book that really touches you or those close to you. If you’ve been exposed to the world of IBD, reading this book is a personal duty in gaining a comprehensive and truthful view of the daily life of those who have to confront the disease...”
Uri Fenster (Crohn’s disease patient for eight years)

“I made my first real acquaintance with Crohn’s disease in Cuzco in Peru. On the second morning of my trip to Machu Picchu I rose with unfamiliar sensations in my stomach. If I hadn’t already known for five years that I had this disease called Crohn’s and which is accompanied by diarrhea, anemia and other symptoms, I would have described what I was feeling as a real pain.”

“After long days of hospitalization, hallucination and a near operation by a Peruvian doctor, the episode fortunately passed. Only then, on a relaxed Brazilian beach, did I understand for the first time, in view of my Crohn’s disease, just how much my condition could deteriorate if I did not take good care of my health. More importantly, though, I realized that my body had the capacity to heal itself, or at least bring about a marked improvement.”

Gut Feelings is the personal story of a young man who one fine day was told that he had a bowel disease. No-one was able to tell him exactly what to do about it, so with his own blood and guts he had to discover it for himself.

This book is intended for you as a Crohn’s or Colitis patient, and for your family members who help you to deal with it. Besides its personal story, the book serves as a useful source of information about nutrition, about conventional and alternative methods of treatment, as well as recommending a desirable lifestyle for you as a patient.

Rafael Moreno, an electrical engineer, married to Lital, and father of Alon, Maayan, Noam and Alma, has had Crohn’s disease for over twenty years, and has managed to live with it in relative peace.

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